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Save money by saving energy

Feeling a breeze around your doorways? This could be due to a poorly fitted door or worn-out weatherstripping. This may seem like an easy DIY project but if done incorrectly or if you use the wrong product, you may be costing yourself money in the long run. Don’t worry, we have put in the man-hours to test the different types of weatherstripping so you don’t have to.

Updating your weatherstripping has so many benefits. It is proven that sealing your doors can add up to a 10% reduction in your energy loss. A tight seal around your doorways also prevents rodents, bugs, and pests from sneaking in when looking for food or a warm place to rest. Weatherstripping keeps any water from coming into your home or seeping down into the doorway. If left in this state, this can cause mold and will be a much larger issue to repair in the future.  Already seeing signs of water damage or mold? Learn more about ourDoor Repair service hereor go ahead and book an appointment.

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