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The #1 Choice for Custom Doors in Midlothian, TX

Welcome to DFW Door Repair! We have the know-how you need and the value you deserve to get the custom doors you desire. Proudly Serving Midlothian, TX and the surrounding areas.

  • High Quality, Professional Workmanship, Fit To Perfection

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Why Choose Us For Custom Door Installation or Replacement in Midlothian?

Build the door of your dreams for your Midlothian home. Work directly with DFW Door Repair and start your next project with a free, no-pressure in-home or over the phone consultation. We’re here to make the process easy as well as give your home the security and curb appeal it deserves! But how do we that? At DFW, we provide:

  • Quality of Materials: We only use the best quality materials to ensure we provide you with a long-lasting, reliable door.

  • Professional Installation: Our team of experienced technicians will install your door with the precision and professionalism your home deserves.

  • Customization Options: Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to make your door unique and bring extra beauty to your home.

  • Energy Efficiency: We can help you reduce your energy costs by providing not only beautiful but excellently insulated doors.

  • Warranty: DFW Door Repair offers a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty. We also provide a one-year service and installation warranty!

Check Out Our Custom Door Replacements in Midlothian Examples

Which style of Custom Door Replacement in Midlothian is right for you?

  • Custom Door Modern Example in Midlothian, TX

    Our Modern Custom Door Collection focuses on creating clean, strong lines that complement the character of natural wood or fiberglass to make a statement and is a versatile, stylish and affordable option for any home in Midlothian. It offers a sleek and contemporary look that is perfect for modern or traditional homes that allows for versatility as it comes in a variety of colors, materials and finishes to fit any décor. It is also easy to maintain and offers a secure locking system for added safety.

    Modern door styles often feature minimalistic designs with clean lines and a smooth, uninterrupted surface as well as customizable additional features, such as frosted glass panels, custom hardware, and decorative trim, to further enhance the look.

  • Traditional Custom Front Door Design in Midlothian, TX

    Our Traditional Custom Door Collection features timeless designs to create a classic look for your home. This style typically features a rectangular shape, with a flat panel and raised molding along the edges. The panel is usually made of wood, and is either left plain or decorated with carved or sculpted designs. The edges often feature beveled or curved moldings and are often finished in a different color or stain than the rest of the door. The door knob is usually a classic round knob, and the hinges are typically exposed.

  • French Country Custom Door Design Midlothian
    French Country

    Our French Country Custom Entry Door Collection channels inspiration from French art and architecture to create a sleek and elegant look. This style can feature a rustic, classic look with a distinctively ornate, distressed appearance though this can be customized. The doors are usually constructed from wood, with a raised center panel and intricately carved detailing. The panel may be framed with a curved arch. The hardware can be rustic or elegant in style, with the door handles and knobs often featuring a rope twist or an antique patina. These doors can be found in a variety of colors, including natural wood tones and muted pastels.

  • Coastal Custom Door Design in Midlothian, TX

    Our Coastal Custom Entry Door Collection conjures up ocean scenes with its casual and warm appearance. This style is a classic design with a timeless, elegant look. It features a raised panel design with a recessed edge that creates a subtle, yet distinctive look. The Coastal style can typically feature a white, off-white, or beige color palette with some darker tones, and has the option to be paired with a light or medium stain to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. It can have soft, rounded edges and is often finished with a clear coat to protect it from the elements. Additionally, Coastal doors typically have a center panel with rectangular panels on either side.

  • Mediterranean Custom Door Design in Midlothian, TX

    Our Mediterranean Custom Entry Door Collection provides a taste of classic Italian and Spanish style elements for a front door that exudes warmth and charm. This style is characterized by its double doors which feature tall, narrow frames with ornate detailing, often including arches, ironwork, and decorative carvings. These doors are typically made of wood, though some may be made of iron or other materials and can be painted or stained in a variety of colors, as well as having intricate designs or patterns carved into them. The Mediterranean Door style is a classic, elegant look that adds charm and sophistication to any home. 

  • Craftsman Custom Door Design in Midlothian, TX

    Our Craftsman Custom Door Collection creates an understated look through its design simplicity and highlights quality workmanship. This door style is a popular choice for homeowners who want to create a warm and inviting aesthetic featuring a distinctive look with tall, rectangular panels that are typically divided into three or four parts. The panels are often made of wood, but can also be crafted from other materials such as glass or metal. The door also features a wide variety of hardware options, from simple pulls to decorative hardware. The overall look is classic and timeless, making it a great choice for both modern and traditional homes.

  • Cape Cod Exterior Front Door Style in Midlothian, TX
    Cape Cod

    Our Cape Cod Custom Entry Door Collection brings the symmetrical stylings of Cape Cod style homes and highlights the details of natural wood. This style is a classic that is characterized by its simple and understated look. It typically features a flat, rectangular, paneled design with two raised panels and two flat panels, separated by a vertical, raised stile. Its plain, symmetrical design adds to its timeless appeal and makes it a great choice for traditional, transitional, and modern homes alike. The door is typically made of wood, but may also be customized to have other materials such as fiberglass or steel.

Options to Make Your Custom Door in Midlothian Stand Out

  • Sidelites Custom Door Design in Midlothian, TX

    Sidelites for custom doors are narrow windows that are installed on either side of a door and are a common feature of modern homes and are designed to provide natural light and a clear view of the outside of the home in Midlothian. They can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, wood, and metal, and are often used in conjunction with other decorative elements, such as transoms and door surrounds, to create a cohesive look for the home. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, door sidelights can also serve practical purposes, such as increasing the level of security and visibility around the entrance of the home.

  • Transoms Door Example in Midlothian, TX

    A transom is a structural piece that separates a door from a window or decorative panel above it that is separate from the main window or door. They are typically used to add natural light to a room, as well as providing a decorative element. Door transoms can be made from glass, wood, metal, or a combination of these materials, and are often found in historic or traditional homes. Make your home standout with tempered glass and panel designs!

  • Custom Door Finishes in Midlothian, TX

    We use stains from ICA, a leading finish manufacturer, to create a stunning front door finish. After applying a clear or tinted base stain, two seal coats and three top coat layers get applied for robust thickness.

  • Custom Door Glass Inserts in Midlothian, TX
    Glass Inserts

    Glass inserts for doors are pieces of glass that fit into the frame of a door to provide additional privacy and light diffusion. The glass can be clear, frosted, or patterned, and can be combined with other materials such as wood, metal, or PVC to create a custom look. They can be installed as a single panel, or in multiple panels for larger openings. Choose from Low E glass options to fill your home with natural light, or opt for Decorative Insulated Glass options to balance light and privacy. Click the link here to get the custom doors Midlothian TX residents rely on from our new brand, Your New Door.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Door Installation and Replacement in Midlothian

What types of materials do you offer for custom door replacement and installation?

DFW Door Repair offers a variety of high quality materials for our custom door replacement and installation including wood, fiberglass, and steel.

What is the cost of custom door replacement?

The cost can vary based on the different types of materials and customizations, a custom door can cost less than $5,000 but we’ve installed doors upwards of $20,000! The most important thing is knowing that you will be getting the utmost care and quality put into your doors, which is priceless!

How long does it take to install a new custom door in Midlothian?

This can depend on the types of customizations that are added to the doors and the complexity of the project, but typically it can take around 2-4 days!

Does DFW provide warranties?

DFW Door Repair offers a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty. We also provide a one-year service and installation warranty

What types of customization options are available?

Professional custom door replacements offer a variety of customization options including door style, color, hardware, glass, and energy efficiency ratings.

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What to expect During Your Custom Door Replacement and Installation Service in Midlothian

What To Expect

The Right Product for You

A DFW Door Repair Door Expert will call you for the initial consultation, and work to understand your needs, then work to find the right door style, colors, features, and budget for you.

Custom Door Installation

A Hassle-free Installation

Once an installation day has been scheduled, our team of certified Installers will arrive at your home during your appointment in Midlothian to remove your old door and install your new one.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

DFW Door Repair offers a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty. We also provide a one-year service and installation warranty.

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