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Welcome to DFW Door Repair! We have the door repair know-how you need and the value you deserve. Proudly Serving Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas.

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Why Choose Us For Your Door Repair Service in Frisco

Door and Door Jamb Repairs

A damaged door or door frame can cost you more than just simply repairing the door. A damaged door in Frisco can allow air and water into your home, causing mold and higher energy costs due to air seeping into your home.

Whether or not you need door rot repair, if your door is difficult to open or close, there could be an underlying problem. Damage to your door can include the door itself, door jamb, threshold, door sweeps, and weatherstripping.

Our qualified technicians are trained to work cleanly, efficiently, and professionally. We only use the best materials to make the repair.

Door Repairs in Frisco, TX

Door Repairs in Frisco, TX

Our process for repairing door jambs in Frisco includes:

  • Removing existing door and jamb.

  • Building a new composite jamb and threshold to fit the existing door.

  • Reinstalling the new jamb and existing door.

  • Install trim/casing and hardware.

  • Finally we caulk outside as necessary.

A damaged door jamb is no joke, and can cause structural damage as well as safety risk to you and your family. DFW Door Repair in Frisco wants to help prevent that so please don’t wait and get your free estimate for door repairs today!

Door Frame Reset in Frisco

How Our Door Frame Reset Can Benefit Your Doors

Doors that are hard to close or open can be a huge source of frustration, often causing air to escape from a loose seal. This can raise an energy bill in Frisco significantly over time and even cause door rot if water gets into the frame or slab. If your doors are crooked, misaligned, doors are sagging, swelling, or contracting then you may need a door reset.

We can fix your door within a few days or less from the time you receive your free estimate. Here’s a general overview of how we would repair your door in Frisco: First we remove casing as necessary. Next, the the frame is cut loose from studs. We shim/ square door as necessary and reinstall casing. Some light touch up work may be necessary, that is not covered in this service. Touch up work is very easy and we are happy to guide you through the process, it usually takes a few minutes.

Door Frame Reset in Frisco, TX

Call us today if you have any questions!

Door Slab Replacement Frisco

Door Slab Replacement in Frisco

How Our Door Slab Replacement Works:

Do you have small holes in your door in Frisco, light or heavy damage to the slab of the door, or a ruined door surface? Our door slab replacement option is great for a quick and long-lasting solution. We call this a door repair because it’s not changing the entire system, only a single part of it, while keeping the jamb, frame, casing, brickmold, and threshold, giving you a lower cost but highly effective door repair.

  • In order to change the slab, our expert door repair team removes the existing door and frames it with a new door slab.

  • We measure the size of the door frame and determine the correct size of the door slab to fit it perfectly.

  • We make sure that all the necessary hardware such as hinges, locks and knobs are secured correctly before the door is reinstalled and then put in a slab door, either 6 feet 8 inches tall, or 8 feet tall.

Additionally, we also provide a variety of styles and materials for the door slab so that you can choose the one that best fits your home’s décor in Frisco. We also check to make sure that the door slab is fitted properly and is sealed tightly to prevent any air or water leaks.

Door Threshold Repair and Replacement in Frisco

How Do Damaged Thresholds Effect Your Doors?

Thresholds are crucial for protecting the lower portion of your door from water damage and reducing air exchange. If water leaks in through the threshold gaps you may experience door rot, which will deteriorate a door and door frame over time. If a threshold is loose, cracked, or damaged, it’s worth getting an inspection done in Frisco.

To fix this issue we will remove the existing threshold, trim door (If needed) and install new threshold and door sweep (if needed). Click the link here to get the door repair Frisco TX residents rely on from our new brand, Your New Door.

Door Threshold Repair and Replacement in Frisco, TX

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Frequently Asked Questions About Door Repair in Frisco

What is the difference between Door Threshold Repair and Replacement?

 Door Threshold Repair involves fixing any existing damage, such as replacing rotten wood or patching cracks. Door Threshold Replacement involves replacing the entire threshold with a new one.

What is a Door Slab Replacement?

A Door Slab Replacement is a type of door repair that involves changing only the flat swinging part of the door assembly that fits into the frame, what many people would call the actual door.

How long does it take to repair a door?

This can depend on a lot such as the extent of the damage, which parts you need replaced or patched, or if you decide to get different parts replaced vs patched!

What is a Door Frame Reset?

A Door Frame Reset involves repairing the existing frame with shims to make sure the door sits square, level, and plumb. This is often done when the frame has been damaged or is not level, or when the home settles, and it’s a great way to get your door fully functioning again while saving tons of money.

Does DFW provide warranties?

DFW Door Repair offers a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty. We also provide a one-year service and installation warranty

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