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Welcome to DFW Door Repair! We have the know-how you need and the value you deserve to get the exterior doors, front doors, and back doors you desire. Proudly Serving Anna, TX and the surrounding areas.

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Why Choose Us For Your Exterior Door, Front Door, and Back Door Repair, Replacement, or Installation Service in Anna.

Are you looking to increase your home’s value? Are your exterior doors builder grade, damaged, or simply just aged? Let us upgrade your exterior door for security, comfort, and to add a bit of value to your home in Anna. A new entry door will give a 75-80% return on investment.

Exterior Door Replacement in Anna

Front Entry Doors

There are so many styles of front doors, it can be tough to find the right match for your home. Our team can help walk you through your front entry door options and help you decide. From a beautiful traditional mahogany farmhouse door to a simple steel or fiberglass door, we have you covered!

Rear Entry Doors

Back doors (or rear entry doors) are by far the most requested replacement in Anna. Poor quality materials and poor installation can lead to damage around the door jam which causes air and water to seep into your home. That can quickly cause larger problems with energy efficiency and even mold! Keep your family safe and secure by quickly replacing a damaged door and or threshold.

We offer a variety of styles and colors to ensure the back door is truly integrated into your home’s design. While we warranty all of our fiberglass doors and frames against rot FOR LIFE, our rear entry doors are also energy-efficient low-E glass.

Exterior Doors in Anna, TX

The Do’s and Don’ts of Exterior Doors

Do Consider: Inspiration

At DFW Door Repair in Anna many of our customers send us inspirational photos, found on Pinterest or our inspirational page. If you come across the perfect exterior door, or any door, show us and we will build you an estimate.

Do Consider: Materials and Weather

From fiberglass Plastpro doors to stunning wooden doors, we recommend considering the following: usability, durability, local weather and climate. We prevent door rot with newly installed doors and that is our DFW Door Repair guarantee* Check with us for terms and conditions.

Don’t Forget To Consider: Professional Door Repair vs Handymen or Subcontractors

Yes, there are contractors that can perform exterior door repairs in Anna, however we get calls everyday from customers who have had an entry door ruined by a contractor due to small gaps in their doors resulting in door rot. Before you know it your door is falling apart and it can happen quickly. We insulate and provide exterior doors with rot saver jambs and a proprietary fabrication process perfect for the DFW climate. Our expert door technicians are highly trained and full-time employees with 10+ years experience in exterior door repair and entry door installation. We don’t subcontract, we guarantee excellence. Click the link here to get the exterior doors Anna TX residents rely on from our new brand, Your New Door.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Door, Front Door, and Back Door Repair, Installation, and Replacement

What types of materials do you offer for exterior door replacement?

DFW Door Repair offers a variety of high quality materials for your exterior door replacement including wood, fiberglass, and steel.

What is the cost of exterior door replacement?

The cost can vary based on the different types of materials and customizations, some exterior doors will cost less than $2,000 while others can be upwards of $5,000! It all depends on your wants and needs, but knowing that you will be getting the utmost care and quality put into your doors is what’s most important, it’s priceless!

Are there any safety considerations when replacing an exterior door?

DFW Door Repair holds utmost importance in the safety of your exterior doors which is why we make sure to include double-checking that the door is properly sealed and installed, and that the hardware is securely fastened.

Does DFW provide warranties?

DFW Door Repair offers a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty. We also provide a one-year service and installation warranty

What types of customization options are available?

Professional custom door replacements offer a variety of customization options including door style, color, hardware, glass, and energy efficiency ratings.

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If you’re ready to get started, discuss your exterior door, front door, and back door options with a DFW Door Repair design specialist in Anna. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and help make your project easy.