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The #1 Patio Door, Sliding Door, and French Door Replacement in Burleson, TX

Welcome to DFW Door Repair! We have the know-how you need and the value you deserve to get the patio doors, sliding doors, and French doors you desire. Proudly Serving Burleson, TX and the surrounding areas.

  • High Quality, Professional Workmanship, Fit To Perfection

  • Installs Hundreds Of Doors Each Year

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Why Choose Us For Patio Door, Sliding Door, and French Door Replacement in Burleson?

Energy Efficiency/Extensive Testing

Whether you prefer an abundance of natural light, unique colors, modern styles, or any other customization we can provide options for them all. We provide the highest quality patio doors, from waterproof fiberglass doors to beautiful modern sliding doors from the best brands so you can enjoy bigger views and more daylight. Patio door quality is our passion and you deserve the best. DFW is the highest-rated patio, sliding, and French door company in Burleson. Our attention to detail and attention to you and your needs sets us apart. 

Patio, French, and Sliding Door Replacement in Burleson, TX

Let us guide you through the process of getting the door of your dreams. We start with an extensive and free phone consultation to determine your ideal choice, walk you through our process, and you will receive two expert opinions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our experts in Burleson can provide details on great financing options if interested. Next, we will perform a site evaluation to measure your doors and perform our unique 30+ point inspection. We inspect all parts of the entire unit including the threshold, frame, jamb, hardware, and slab. 

Our technicians will tour your project with you, detailing their findings and present a final detailed estimate. In this method you receive two expert opinions and double confirmation that your patio & french doors will be installed perfectly.

Whether it’s a double, patio, sliding, or French door replacement, we install doors the right way the first time in Burleson, hassle free.

Patio and French Doors in Burleson, TX

The DFW Door Repair Difference in Burleson

What Are You getting When You Call DFW?

When you call or text us, you’re receiving expert care from a combined 200 years of experience across all of our technicians and experts in Burleson. From beautiful fiberglass French patio doors to sleek vinyl sliding doors you’ll receive a variety of customized options. This way, you can make a decision that best fits your needs and wants.

  • Materials – You can choose from various options, including fiberglass and wood, with fiberglass being our most popular option. We will also recommend solutions for insulation, noise factor reduction, and weatherstripping.

  • Aesthetics – We provide a wide selection of styles, designs, and colors.

  • Accessories – Feel free to customize the design by adding custom colors, unique sizes both wide and tall, mini-blinds and window inserts.

  • Safety and Security Measures – Our doors are made with structural integrity from the highest quality materials available. We will also help you choose a locking system to best meet your safety needs.

  • Energy Efficiency – We offer various doors made with energy efficient materials with different R-values that will suit your insulation needs, thereby lowering your energy bill each month.

Ultimately your choice in patio doors depends on lifestyle, usage, budget, preferences, and needs. Expect the best return on your investment and experience reliability and customer satisfaction at the highest level. We’re local so we will always understand and respect your preferences when choosing a double, sliding, French, or patio door for your Burleson home.

Patio, Sliding, and French Door Installation in Burleson:

Expert Installation From Our In-House Technicians

Our Patio Door Installation process for Burleson can take up to three hours, expertly installing and adjusting your upgraded entrance to ensure a perfect fit. For Patio Doors, an airtight seal is what we produce every time. Our technicians are trained to look at each opening for its unique framing and to take precise measurements. Going above and beyond ensures your patio, sliding, or French door installation saves you money on your energy bill. 

Looking to install a double, French, or patio door? Perhaps you’re installing a new slider? We’ve got you covered, our expert techs are trained to install any residential door, no matter how complicated. From our 30+ point inspection to our testing, quality is at the core of what we do. We are proudly Rated #1 by our customers in DFW.

Experience the difference of working with us, call or text today in Burleson. Click the link here to get the patio, sliding glass, French, and double doors Burleson TX residents rely on from our new brand, Your New Door.

Patio door installation service in Burleson

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sliding Doors, Patio Doors & French Doors Replacement

How much does it cost to install a sliding, patio, or French door?

The cost of sliding, patio, or French door installation can vary based off the complexity and customization of the installation. We’ve installed patio doors for less than $2,000 and patio doors higher than $15,000, it all depends on your wants and needs!

What are the benefits of replacing patio, sliding, or French doors?

DFW Door Repair wants to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home, as well as enhance its aesthetic appeal, and increasing the value of your home which can be done by replacing your patio, sliding, and French doors!

How long does it take to install or replace a French, sliding, or patio door?

How long replacement and installation can take can depend on the types of customizations that are added to the doors and the complexity of the project.

Are there any special considerations I need to make when replacing patio, sliding, or French doors?

Our DFW team strongly believes it is important to make sure that the door is properly sealed to avoid air leakage and water penetration as well as properly insulated to improve energy efficiency.

What types of customization options are available?

Professional patio, sliding, and French door replacements offer a variety of customization options including door style, color, hardware, glass, and energy efficiency ratings.

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Patio Door, Sliding Door, and French Door Replacement Service and More in Burleson

Patio Door, French Door, and Sliding Door Replacement Near Me

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If you’re ready to get started, discuss your patio door, sliding door, and French door options with a DFW Door Repair design specialist in Burleson. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and help make your project easy.